Western Belts

One type of western clothing we carry is belts. Our selection of western belts includes western leather belts made with brown or black leather. These are both ladies and men's western belts, available in styles ranging from plain or woven western leather belts to western bling belts with conchos and silver studs on the side of the belt. These men's and women's western belts can match any number of western wear outfits and come in neutral designs to match any ornate western belt buckle or western shirt and in elaborate designs, as well.

All of our western belt buckles are leather, with the exception of our cowhide belts. Our western leather belts are either brown western belts or black western belts, while our cowhide belts are western belts made from cowhide and embellished with cow hair patterns. Our leather belts, including both black and brown western belts, come in plain styles, which are a simple, solid color leather belt, and can also be embellished in a number to styles. One popular style is to have metal studs on a western belt, and, in modern fashion terms, these would be western bling belts. The silver studs on these western belts are either smaller metal studs or larger conchos.

A western leather belt can be embellished in other ways aside from metal studs. One popular design option for a western belt, including both ladies and men's western belts, is leather work. The leather is often carved and patterned with western animals like horses and eagles and, in some cases, colored to accent certain aspects of the design - be it white eagles or black horses on a light brown western belt.

As our selection of western belt styles includes both ladies and men's western belts, our western belts come in a range of sizes. Typically to match both men's and women's western belt styles, our western belts range in size from 32 inches to 50 inches.