Bolo Ties

Bolo ties have a distinct style that complements many pieces of western clothing, from western shirts to cowboy hats and large belt buckles. While bolo ties all have the same design, our large bolo tie collection includes many silver and golden bow ties in various sizes and patterns. While our bolo ties generally have one metal piece, we do carry bolo tie sets with interchangeable metal pieces in different shapes.

Our bolo tie collection consists primarily of silver bolo ties, although we do have many bolo golden ties. Some of these bolo ties are embellished with stones, and these include both silver and turquoise bolo ties and onyx bolo tie styles. The metal for these silver bolo tie styles are often engraved, and engraved bolo ties come in a number of shapes, including traditional western shapes to Zuni inlay bolo ties. Our selection of engraved bolo ties include such shapes as horseshoes, horses, cowboys, arrowheads, buffalos, eagles, and cowboy boots. Other options include cross bolo tie styles and hopi bolo ties with stone inlay on silver or pewter.

A bolo tie and shirt is a common style for western clothing. Whether you simply like the style or need western show clothes for a rodeo, our selection of bolo ties is sure to complement any style of western men's or women's shirt.