Wallets, Purses, and Key Rings

Western style doesn't just include clothing. Our store carries a variety of western gifts, and this includes western gift sets. Our selection of wholesale western gifts includes dish sets, picture frame, figurines, and home accessories. For western gift ideas, many of our western gifts have traditional western patterns like horses or bulls and are made to accentuate your home with western style.

One type of western gift set we carry is a dish set. These unique western gifts all have a different pattern, with various horses or the John Deere logo displayed on a melamine dish set. Some dish sets contain solely various printed plates for your family members, while other western gift sets have a full dish set of plates, cups, and bowls.

Western gift ideas include western gifts for men and women, and some of these items for both sexes include items for use around the home. If a western theme pervades your house, with cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats accenting every wall or piece of furniture, we have western gifts like cowboy boot-shaped vases and salt and pepper shakers and coat hangers with various western themes. Aside from specific home items, other popular western gifts we have for men and women include picture frames. Like the home items, these western gifts come in a variety of western themes, including horses, cowhide patterns, saddles and ropes, and cowboy pistols. Picture frames are available in round and square shapes and in various sizes for medium to large pictures.

Other western gift ideas we have include anthropomorphic figurines. These animal figurines are shaped like bulls and are posed either as bulls in a rodeo or in human poses, such as wearing a suit or a cowboy outfit. These small bull statues are typically three inches by four inches and can be placed anywhere - including the home, office desk, or car dashboard.