Rebel and Confederate

Rebel Flag / Confederate Flag Products

The Rebel flag is one of our most popular symbols, and graces many of our western products, from western gear and clothing to jewelry.

As rodeos, ranch cowboys, and western style are popular in the South, many of our products are designed with Rebel pride. From Rebel flag shirts to Rebel belt buckles and unique fashion items for the Rebel girl in your life, we have a great selection of Rebel clothes and accessories.

Civil War aficionados and other history buffs will like our Rebel belt buckles with the Rebel flag logo, Southern state names and dates of the Confederacy. All Rebel flag items listed are available in sizes and styles for both women and men.

One of our more popular Rebel clothes items is suspenders. These fashionable and fun accessories for both men and women are available with the Rebel flag imprint, and in US flag pattern and other color combinations. Our suspenders are sold wholesale in a set of various colors with metal suspender clips, or they can be sold individually.