USA Made Products

Showing your patriotism or Southern pride never goes out of style. Whether on July 4th or another time of year, showing your support and pride for your nation, your heritage, and military troops overseas is something you can do all year round. If you choose to show your support by hanging or displaying a flag, we carry a variety of flags that can be hung or displayed inside or outside. These include the American flag, the Rebel or Confederate flag, Texas state flag, and POW MIA flag. Some of these flags include design variations, making them more of a banner than an actual flag, and these variations include the US flag with an eagle or horses and the Rebel flag emblazoned with words or phrases like "Redneck" and "I Ain't Coming Down." All of these flags and patriotic banners run about three feet by five feet, although we also carry smaller flags that are four by six inches and are attached to a wooden stick.

When displaying a flag, especially the American flag, be sure to check the Flag Code for the proper way of respectfully displaying a flag on your property, be it from a pole or from your window.