USA Made Bandannas

USA Made Bandannas. 22" x 22"

The wholesale bandanas we carry at Western Express can be worn in a number of ways. The typical style for a bandana is to be worn on the head, although cowboy bandanas are traditionally worn around the neck. Some can even be worn under a hat in colder weather. Bandana fabric comes in a number of patterns to suit a variety of styles, from traditional paisley bandana patterns for men and women to flag patterns to patterns designed specifically for hunting.

Traditional bandana fabric is a paisley pattern. These paisley bandanas are designed for both men and women. At Western Express we offer paisley wholesale bandanas in a variety of colors. As these wholesale bandanas are all solid colors, aside from the paisley pattern, they can match any other western clothing or hats.

Aside from traditional bandana design fabric, we carry less typical bandana patterns that can also express your personal style. Some of these unique bandana designs include cowboy bandana fabric and flag bandana patterns. For the former, our cowboy bandana patterns depict cowboys and horses on the fabric, with a border of blue or red surrounding the edges. Our line of flag bandana patterns includes the US flag, the rebel flag, or the Texas flag. Whether you want to show your national patriotism, Southern pride, or Texas pride, our selection of wholesale bandana designs can be one way for you to express any patriotic sentiment.

Aside from being a piece of western fashion wear, bandanas can have a practical use in hunting. For hunting outdoors in warmer weather, camouflaging your head is often beneficial and, instead of wearing a hat, camouflage bandana fabric is one option to make yourself less visible in the woods. For this purpose, we carry traditional camouflage patterned bandanas and tree and leaf patterned bandanas to blend in better with your surroundings.

All of our wholesale bandanas are made in the USA.