USA Made Belt Buckles

Western Express carries a large selection of belt buckles, including Western themes, Southwestern, licensed John Deere, licensed Jack Daniels, licensed NFL, MLB, and many others.

Belt buckles are one piece of western clothing that can be decorative and used to express yourself. Our selection of belt buckles includes men’s belt buckles, women’s belt buckles, and kid’s belt buckles in average or large belt buckle sizes. These belt buckles, although available in a variety of themes and styles, are typically a silver color – either metal, pewter, or German silver – but some can come as two-tone gold and silver belt buckles. Our western belt buckles come in a variety of styles, from traditional large western silver belt buckles to rebel flag belt buckles to belt buckle designs with western stones and animals.

Our selection of belt buckles includes many silver belt buckles made in a variety of styles and sizes. Almost all of these have a western theme or an outdoor theme, although other options include initials or sports team symbols. Our outdoors theme belt buckles include hunting themes, gun belt buckles, southwestern belt buckles, animals, and rodeo belt buckles. While some of these include animal skull belt buckles or silver belt buckles depicting western animals like wolves, eagles, and horses, some of our southwestern belt buckles have Navajo or turquoise belt buckle designs. For the latter, our turquoise belt buckle styles can include turquoise stones or turquoise-colored enamel inlay on a silver buckle.

Athletics are another popular theme for silver belt buckles. Our selection of belt buckles includes NASCAR and racing theme belt buckles and silver belt buckles displaying decals for major league baseball, NFL, NCAA, and NBA teams.

Our selection of western belt buckles includes many other popular designs. One popular style or theme for belt buckles is the rebel flag. Our rebel flag belt buckles display the Confederate flag in any number of ways – either directly as the shape of the belt buckle or as the rebel flag displayed over words like “redneck” or “rebel.” Aside from displaying Southern pride with a rebel flag belt buckle, our selection includes patriotic belt buckles that display the US flag or American military symbols on a silver belt buckle. We also carry Mexican decals on some belt buckles, and our selection of Mexican belt buckle designs includes scorpion, roosters, and the Mexican flag. Religion and music are also common styles for belt buckles, and we carry music themed belt buckles with country western, bluegrass, gospel, Elvis, and guitar decals. For religion, our belt buckles are Christian themed, with Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or crosses displayed on the belt buckle.

Popular brands for western clothing are also displayed on our belt buckles. From jeans brands like Wrangler to Budweiser, Jack Daniels, John Deere, and American auto makers. Budweiser, Jack Daniels, John Deere, and auto themed belt buckles simply display the logo often associated with the products on a silver belt buckle.