Americana Collection

Western Express products with patriotic, USA and Military themes

Patriotism is a sentiment that runs through the entire country not just during a time of war or July 4th but all year long. One way to express your patriotism all year long, and on July 4th as well, is with patriotic decals and, in our selection of western gear and western inspired clothing and items, many of our items come printed with the stars and stripes and other patriotic sayings. Patriotism just doesn't extend to the stars and stripes, however, and many of our patriotic items are printed with military decals to show support for US armed forces and troops overseas. Whether you're looking for an American flag or other patriotic western gear to visibly show your support for our nation, its troops, and our history, our selection of western clothing and items can come printed with the respective patterns and symbols.

Our selection of patriotic western gear includes the stars and stripes printed on various items. Some of these include: western shirts, bandanas, bolo ties, hats, belt buckles, embroidered patches, three by five foot flags, stick flags, flag banners displaying the flag with an image or saying below, key chains, and t shirts. Aside from the US flag, a number of our items come printed with symbols for the US armed forces, including belt buckles and pins with decals for the US marines, navy, air force, and army. American heritage is another element of patriotism and some of our pins and belt buckles come printed with sayings and images for American pride ranging from "redneck" for Southern pride to belt buckles proclaiming "proud to be American" for national pride.