Car and Truck Accessories

Our selection of western products extends to both car and truck products and accessories. If you're proud of being a Southerner or a cowboy, our selection of car and truck accessories includes novelty license plates with familiar Southern and western decals, novelty parking plates, hanging dice, and trail hitches. All of these car and truck decorative items are designed with typical western and Southern patterns, from the Rebel flag to horses to the John Deere logo.

Novelty license plates can be displayed on the front of your car or truck. As a decorative item for your car or truck, these novelty license plates are designed with western and Southern images, including the John Deere logo, Elvis, and the Rebel flag. Similarly, our selection of car and truck novelty products includes parking plates and hanging dice. The former, novelty parking plates, are designed much like novelty license plates, with the Rebel flag, John Deere, and American auto maker logos displayed on a vertical metal parking sign that can be displayed on your property and near your home parking space.

Our novelty items specifically for a truck include a wide selection of trailer hitches to attach a trailer to the back of your truck. These oval-shaped plates come in a variety of western and Southern styles, including horses, the Rebel flag, cowboys, and American armed forces symbols.